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Scripture Colors

Your spirituality is as unique as you are. Express yourself through the color that speaks to you! Whether you enjoy the vibrance of our green quad or the delicate charm of the pink quad, we have the perfect LDS scriptures to enrich your spiritual journey. As you flip through the pages of your color scriptures, you'll feel a deep connection to the teachings and wisdom within, enhanced by the uniquely vibrant covers.

Colors differ from screen to screen based on your monitor settings, as well as between dye lots on the leathers. Colors on screen cannot be guaranteed in final product. Samples can be requested by emailing us at We will mail up to 10 samples.To see a photo gallery of past orders or design ideas, click here to view our gallery.


Pearlized Pink

Desert Pink


Metallic Light Pink

Hot Pink


Metallic Hot Pink




Metallic Purple





Medium Brown

Rustic Texas

Rustic Mushroom

Rustic Whiskey Brown Leather Holy Bible Engraved with Gold Lettering and a Button Snap, in Front of a White Background - Custom LDS Scriptures & Rebinding Services

Rustic Whiskey

Whiskey Tombstone


Pearlized Bronze


French Taupe

Powder Blue

Baby Blue

Pearlized Blue

Robin Egg Blue

BYU / Aggie Blue

Royal Blue

Pearlized Midnight Blue


Custom Jade Leather Holy Bible Engraved with a Name in Silver, in Front of a White Background - Custom LDS Scriptures & Rebinding Services




Forest Green


Pearlized Mint


Emerald Green

Metallic Green

Green Camouflage



Pearlized Gunmetal

Pearlized Silver

Metallic Silver

Maraschino Cherry

Blackberry Marble



Metallic Red


Pearlized Gold

Metallic Gold




Pearlized Beige

Rustic French Vanilla

Pearlized White


Natural Floral

Dark Brown Floral

Tropical Floral


Button Snaps

Due to high demand, we offer a button snap style to all sizes and book styles. Our style is a squared button snap closure that helps to keep the scripture pages protected. These are popular with missionaries, students, and travel sets of scriptures. Due to the thickness of certain leathers, not all leathers will be made available for the button snap.

Embossed Artwork

Embossing is a great way to make the scriptures even more personalized. The following images are examples of some of the vector images of the different stock and custom embossing stamps that have been made. Stock embossing is $35 and custom artwork is $65 (custom artwork adds one week to delivery time for the stamp to be fabricated.) Please email us at if you would like to see a certain image we offer but is not shown here.

Spine Cords

Spine cords are the raised lines along the spine that give it a more decorative look. They are a simple and cost-effective addition to scripture sets.We offer 2 or 3 per book at $3 per spine cord but can add more if requested.

Font For Owner Name

Custom LDS Scriptures has different font types that are used on the covers of our scriptures to indicate ownership. The owner names are embossed on the covers of the book at no additional charge. We have a standard block print (gender neutral) and a cursive style font similar to what is found at Church Distribution centers.

Ribbon Bookmarks

Ribbon bookmarks are a convenient and classic way to mark multiple locations in the scriptures for study and teaching scenarios. We offer many different ribbon colors to choose from. Quads include 3 bookmarks. Triple Combination and Holy Bibles include 2 bookmarks per book. We offer options to add more ribbons in the ordering process too.