Warranty and Returns

Each book we bind is done by hand which takes time and attention. That sometimes means we make mistakes. Some mistakes are simple oversights on our part, but some issues don’t show up until after they are sent out to you (due to shipping mistreatment or simply the flaws that happen as a result of the outside elements and/or chemistry of the products that are used in the binding process.) We realize we are not perfect with what we do, but we still want to make sure that each customer is happy with their Custom LDS Scriptures order.

Because each book is custom, made to order, most with a name embossed on them as well, it is our standard policy to not offer refunds on orders placed either on the phone or through our website. In the unlikely event that a Custom LDS Scriptures flaw occurs, we will take the damaged books back and repair or rebind your order at our cost until the order is right.

We appreciate your business and we want each customer to be happy with their order. Please make sure you want what your order before you order it. Samples of the leathers are available upon request-which also means that returns based on a dissatisfaction of the color are also not grounds for a refund. Legally, if an order is placed online or over the phone, if you do not pick up the product at the time of ordering/payment, you have a 72 hour window in which you may cancel your order. Only if those conditions are met, will we comply and give a refund.

Please remember, we are not a big corporation with unlimited funds and resources. We are two people working out of our house, hoping to provide a high quality product and service, something that is worthy of these sacred words. We strive for excellence and satisfaction where the customer is happy, and where we can also be satisfied with a job well done. A refund of money is a lose-lose, as the customer doesn’t get the scriptures they want, and we end up losing money. We want to offer a win-win for all.

Thank you for your business!

We look forward to hearing from you and in fulfilling your custom scripture wants.