Rebind: Quad - Large - Colored Scriptures by Custom LDS Scriptures

Rebind: Your Existing Quad - Large

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Do you have an old set of scriptures that have all your markings and all your favorite quotes in the margins, but the cover and the binding are worn or separated from the book? Due to popular demand we are offering the service of rebinding your old set of scriptures into a new and custom cover.

Rebinding your scriptures can add years to your cherished set of scriptures, and it can revitalize your love of the sacred text. We can repair torn pages (as best as possible depending on the condition of the torn page) and a new cover and a new binding can protect and extend the life of your scriptures in a beautiful and unique way.

**We do not offer a full restoration, or fix all folded and wrinkled pages, and we don’t re-gild the sides of the pages.

If you didn’t have a button snap before, now is your chance to add that to your book. If you had a button snap before and don’t want one now, then we can do that too. Make sure that the options you select on this page represent what you want the scriptures to be, and not limit your vision of them by what they are now.

How to order: Add this item to your shopping cart and select the colors and options of your choosing. We will send an email confirmation and then communicate later when we are ready for your book to be mailed so you aren't way from your hymn book the entire turnaround time. We encourage mailing with some ability to track the package to ensure that they arrive safely.

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